Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Learning about history and my family.

I've been learning a lot about my family lately and have been really interested in what I've been finding. I want to keep my family interested to make sure they pass it on to their kids so it doesn't get lost again in future generations!

Here is one of my family lines that goes back to Charlemagne; (All of the lines are from my father's mother's side of the family.)

My Father, Robert Wilcox Brownlee (b. 11/14/1931 d.2/27/1997)
Grandmother, Adelia (Betty) Ellen Wilcox (Robert's mother)
GreatGrandfather, John Weslie Wilcox (father of Adelia) b. abt 1875
2nd Great Grandmother, Adelia Floretta Robinson May 7,1847-1887 (John's mother)
3rd GG, Charlotte Conant, (Adelia's mother)
4th GG, Jeremiah Conant b 1780 (Charlotte's father)
5th GG, Daniel Conant b 1744 (Jeremiah's father )
6th GG, Cornelius Washburn b 5/6/1702 d 2/2/1779 (Joanna's father)
7th GG, Johnathan Washburn yngr brother of John Jr (Cornelius' father) b abt1646
8th GG, John Washburn V (Johnathan's father) b. 3/28/ 1621 d. 1689-1725?
9th GG, John Washburn IV (John Jr's father) b: 2 JUL 1597 d: 1670
10th GG, John Washburn III (Johnathan's father) b: 1551 d: 1624
11th GG, John Washburn Jr. (Johnathan's father) b: 1518 d: 1593
12th GG, John Washburn Sr. (Johnathan's father) b: ABT 1480 d: ABT 1547
13th GG, Joan Mitton (John's mother) b: 1416
14th GG, Margaret Corbet (Joan's mother) b 1416
15th GG, Elizabeth de Cornwall (Margaret's mother) b 1395
16th GG, Richard de Cornwall (Elizabeth's father) b 1360
17th GG, Geoffrey de Cornwall (Richard's father) b about 1335
18th GG, Richard de Cornwall (Geoffrey's father) b 1311
19th GG, Margaret Mortimer (Richard's mother) b 14sep1295
20th GG, Hugh Mortimer (Margaret's father) b about 1271
21st GG, Robert de Mortimer (Hugh's father) b about 1246
22nd GG, Maud Longespee (Robert's mother) b about 1198
23rd GG, William de Longespee (Maud's father) b about 1173
24th GG, Henry II Plantagenet, King of England (William's father) b 5 Mar 1132/33
25th GG, Matilda (Maud) Empress of Germany (Henry's II's mother) b about 1102
26th GG, Henry I (Beauclerc) of England (Matilda's father) b 21 feb 1067
27th GG, WILLIAM "THE CONQUEROR" de Normandy (Henry's father) b 14 oct 1024
28th GG, Robert II de Normandy "the devil" "the Magnificent" b1000-1035 (Wm's father)
29th GG, Judith de Bretagne (Robert's mother) b 982
30th GG, Ermengarde Duchess of d'Anjou (Judith's mother) b 960
31st GG, Adelaide de Vermandois (Ermengarde's mother) b 934
32nd GG, Robert Comte de Vermandois(Adelaide's father) b 920
33rd GG, Hildebrante de Neustria (Robert's mother) b about 887
34th GG, Aelis of France (Hildebrante's mother) died about 890
35th GG, Louis I "the Pious" (Aelis's father) b Aug 778
36th GG, CHARLEMAGNE, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (Louis I's father) b 2 Apr 742

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